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Construction photos

We are very excited that construction is finally under way. Here are some pictures of the construction site. Click on the thumbnails for a larger picture. We will try to update this page weekly.

3/15/07 - Trees are first removed and silt fencing in put in to control erosion.

It looks like I caught my shadow too!

The big equipment arrives and starts to move dirt.

A backhoe starts to excavate where the building will be built.

The top soil is removed to find compactable soil.

A surveyor puts stakes in the ground where the corners of the
building and basement will be.

Digging the trenches for the frost walls.

3/17/07 - Digging a hole for the basement.

Footings are poured to distribute the weight below the frost line.

Forms (wooden boards) are used to hold the concrete for the walls.

Pumper trucks help pump concrete into the forms.

The forms are then removed to leave the foundation walls.

4/29/07 - Dirt is pushed back in against the walls. This is called back-filling.

The plumber then digs his own trenches and installs the pipes that go underneath the cement floor. You can also see the framers starting to work on the floor system over the basement.

Exterior walls start to go up!

The dirt is again smoothed out and styrofoam and the coils that will heat the floor are installed. We installed in-floor heating throughout our preschool to give our children the most comfortable rooms possible. You can also see the concrete being poured over the coils for the floors. The cement floor is called "the flat work".

5/13/07 - More exterior walls are built as the building starts to take shape.

After the cement floor cures (drys) the framers start on the interior walls too.

The Amazon Rainforest room starts to take shape.

Update 5/30/07 - Roof trusses are swung into place with a crane.

The Serengeti room gets a ceiling.

The main entrance starts to take shape.

Update 6/7/07 - Roof trusses now installed and OSB is on the roof.

Back inside the gym and theater start to take shape.

6/11/07 - The building front gets some big beams to distribute weight.

Finally the steel is set and the drive under canopy is built.

The roof gets a layer of felt before the roofers put on shingles.

7/19/07 - After the plumbing and electric is installed in the walls and inspected, the insulation is added to keep the building nice and warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Drywall is then added over the walls. First large sheets are hung on the walls with screws and then drywall mud and tape is used to seal and hide the seams.

Windows and doors are installed, and the walls are primered and textured.

Wall painting began 7/29 and flooring installation should begin 7/30.


Sorry it took so long to update. We were REALLY busy! But the good news is we are now open for business. Yes!!!!

Here is the finished building and some classroom pictures.

Serengeti classroom

Rainforest classroom

Great Plains classroom

Gym and theater

So now that we are open...come take a tour and see it for real!